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data/20240514.jpg Tuesday 14 May 2024

Subject: Magnificent Mosaics; Windows into the Roman World
The Romans left us a remarkable record of their lifestyle, beliefs, achievements and entertainment in the form of beautiful mosaics: we see their cities, gods, myths and exotic lives. This lavishly illustrated lecture using mosaics, brings back to life the distant world of the Romans and the rise and fall of their Empire.

data/20240611.jpg Tuesday 11 June 2024

Subject: The 'Shakespeare of Sculpture': The Works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Bernini received architectural commissions from an early age. But his figurative sculpture ensures his reputation as a great sculptor - equal of Michelangelo, Canova and Rodin. Famous in his lifetime, he introduced the Baroque in sculpture. Justin discusses Bernini's life, reputation and some of his key works.

data/20240709.jpg Tuesday 9 July 2024

Subject: AGM and Summer Lunch - members only, no guests 5000 Years of Glass
First formed by accident 5,000 years ago, glass has evolved into mankind's most important creation and greatest tool. Being virtually invisible, many are oblivious to its impact. Without glass our homes would be lightless caves; no sereens for cars, televisions or phones; no glassware, not even the glass in our hands of an evening!

data/20240910.jpg Tuesday 10 September 2024

Subject: Canal History and Heritage
This lecture is a colorful introduction to the secret world of our 2000-mile inland waterway newark looking at all aspects ofits art, architecture and engineering with wide ranging features, leading them to be described as as a 'poor man's art gallery'